Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Settled In?

Not yet! Day 3 in our new house and we're far from getting comfortable. You'd think that two moves in five years would have thinned out our possessions, but that's not quite the case. As we unpack, we're already putting even more things in the to-be-donated pile.

The priority for the last two days has been the office (command center for now), the kitchen and entertainment center (Rebecca has been sick with a respiratory virus).

And we've been interrupted with last-minute contractor work, as well as the installation of various fixtures in the bathrooms, garage, oh hell, virtually every room in the house. But, I really can't complain since we're making the place ours.

We'll be at it until Halloween. After that, I'll tackle the garage. Muscles are sore, feet are tired and patience is tested. Despite all of that, the girls have been incredibly patient, which had been a saving grace. Thanks guys!

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