Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camping at Bonneville Campground

Last weekend we went up to Bonneville Campground with the Snow family. The site is located at mile marker 92 on Highway 21 (between Lowman and Stanley). We read about the nearby hot springs, but I didn't realize how cool they really were until checking them out myself.

No trip starts without some form of adventure. On the way up our Montero broke down (bad spark plug), with the tent trailer in tow. Fortunately, it was right in front of the Sourdough Lodge. After calling AAA to get a tow back to Boise and counting the trip a wash, Michael happened to drop by the lodge for some butter. His family had already checked into their site and set up. I loaded the wife and kids into their truck and set them off for camping.

We got an OK from the lodge to leave our tent trailer in the parking area (and spare a $300 tow) and I spent the night riding 90 miles back to Boise in a tow truck. The next morning I borrowed a pickup truck from a buddy (thank you Jimmy), which had a crew cab and could tow. By noon, I was at the lodge to pick up the tent trailer and get to camp. I was determined to do some camping, even if it was for one night.

Despite the setback, we all had a great time soaking in the pools, enjoying the sun and breeze, shooting the breeze, and watching the birds and deer. Perfect.