Saturday, June 27, 2009

30 Hours Before Departure

My goal was to post a blog entry once a day during our trip. No such luck. That's OK, because the time was spent doing what we came here for -- playing with the kids in the pool; building sand castles on the local beaches like Anini and Hanalei; catching a pig roast and luau; and exploring the island. If you want to see pictures, the quickest way is through Facebook. Or you can now link to our Picassa album below.

Some highlights from the last six days:
  • Pig roast and luau at Smiths Gardens
  • Dive rings, goggles, kid's pool and water slide at the resort pools
  • Making friends at the pool, like Anika and Anita from Napa, Calif., Tomas from Templeton, Calif. (former Boisean); Mike and Sarah, from Bakersfield, Calif., and others we'd mention but can't recall thanks to another San Miguel in my hand
  • The girls having fun at the resort's Kids Club (a nice facility for the kids)
  • Rachael discovering waves, while both explored tide pools at Waioli State Beach
  • Watching the birds at Kilauea Lighthouse
  • Sea kayaking and shave ice in Hanalei
  • Soundtrack album for the week -- "Only By The Night" by Kings of Leon
  • Bubba Burgers in Kapa'a
Sadly, we depart tomorrow night. So, tonight we feast. Steak and potatoes are ready for the grill, and San Miguel (for beer lovers, this is the real shit -- brewed in the Philippines, not in Mexico like you get on the Mainland bro). At our resort, they fire up the tiki torches all around the premises before sunset, so it adds a romantic touch. 

Tomorrow, we max out the day by heading to the south side of the island to get in Waimea Canyon (the Grand Canyon of Hawaii). Check out all the photos below.

Metzgar Kauai Trip 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Swimming With Koi in Kauai

After a long day flying from BOI to SLC, SLC to LAX and then LAX to Kauai, we finally checked into our room at the Westin Princeville. Sunny, hot, humid, sometimes cloudy and rain is just what the doctor ordered for our first true family vacation. It's also our return to where we honeymooned over 13 years ago.  

Since Boise's four hours ahead of Hawaii time, it was midnight for the girls by the time we grabbed a late dinner. They were wiped out, but real troopers. I wish I could say that they slept in, but true to Boise time, they were up at 4 a.m. laughing, giggling and showing no signs of returning to bed. After a few hours of futile requests, commands and bribes, Daddy got the girls dressed at 6:30 a.m. and headed off to the resort market for coffee and fruit. Of course, Rachael and Rebecca were taken by the fish in the Koi pond. A minute later, Rachael slipped off one of the rocks and took a swim with the Koi. She was pretty embarrassed, but we got her back to the room to dry off, change and get back out. 

Our plan today is to pick up some groceries, show the girls Glo Manor (our honeymoon spot) and Anini Beach, and then spend the day poolside with the girls. And we're looking forward to a luau tomorrow night.