Monday, January 26, 2009

Skiing for the First Time

The girls' first time skiing was a fun family event. In Boise, we have the fortune to live 20 minutes' drive from Bogus Basin. It was a crime not to get our girls into lessons. And they had a couple of friends who wanted to join them, so we have our own little private lesson group.

It took Rachael and Rebecca a little time getting used to skis -- stiff boots, - sliding backwards down the hill, learning how to stop, and learning how to get up. In the end they were fearless despite the falls and near-misses.

Take a look at the photo album to see the girls in action. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rachael Lost Her Second Tooth

Ok, I just had to post this since I don't want to appear to be an obsessive parent. Rachael lost her second tooth in just after a month after her first. Daddy tucked the girls in that night almost blew the Tooth Fairy gig. But with some quick sleight of hand and fancy footwork, the Tooth Fairy arrived handled everything perfectly.