Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ridin' the Rickshaw

Last night I went out with my friend Brock for a ride on his rickshaw ( I feel a little guilty having a friend pedal while I enjoy the breeze and view. So, I try to make up for it by buying the beer and capturing the event on camera (albeit poor video this time).

After a chat with curious neighbors, we set off for downtown Boise. We stopped in Hyde Park (at the place formerly known as Lucky 13), and then moved on to Bittercreek on 8th, and then closed the night at Bar Gernika in the Basque block.

Brock's got his rig tricked out. Lights front and back, as well as tiny red lights around the top's perimeter. All is battery powered and thanks to LED technology, he doesn't have to replace them often. Lastly, it's powered by strong legs conditioned by frequent rides.

Good times. Talked music, work, our MBA programs and politics. We did this last year and realized that we need to do it more often than once a year. As long as Brock's willing to pedal, I'm willing to buy the beer and ride!

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