Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Have Fallen Behind

Like one of my MBA professors said at the start of classes last year, "Don't fall behind." While I've managed to keep up in class I've fallen behind in our family blog posts.

Since January, Rebecca turned 5 in March. Rachael has lost two more front teeth and Rebecca's grown envious about the tooth fairy. She can't wait for her first tooth to come out.

Mom came out for Rebecca's birthday party, for which she was really excited. It was good to catch up despite my work and class assignments.

Suzanne has been active on the synagogue's board for the last three years, but her term is up so she's looking at other volunteer opportunities.

I'm leaving my post of treasurer for a local networking group and accepted a position on another board for a group dedicated to helping at-risk young adults. I'm very excited since it's all about marketing strategy.

And in June we're all looking forward to our first real family vacation in 5 years - Kauai, Hawaii.

I'm one month away from completing the halfway point of my MBA. The end is not soon enough!

And last, Suz and I celebrated our birthdays in the last month. The time sure flies.

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