Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our First Loose Tooth

The loose tooth is out! Funny enough, she lost it at the dentist's office. And it wasn't at Rachael's regular dentist. See, Rachael had a play date scheduled today with one of her girlfriends. The hosting parents realized that the play date was scheduled the same day as their daughter's regular dentist visit, but they wanted Rachael to tag along. 

While there, Rachael showed the dentist her tooth and the dentist didn't give the tooth a day before it fell out. Within 30 minutes it fell out! The dentist was cool -- she gave Rachael a plastic tooth necklace so Rachael could store her first lost tooth. The tooth fairy will be paying a visit tonight. And it's a proud moment for mom and dad. Check out the photos.

Earlier Today 
Play this video only if you've got a strong stomach for loose/wiggling teeth. Rachael's tooth is hanging on by a thread. I captured this will my cell phone. Crappy quality, but you get the idea. Stay tuned since this bugger could fall out any day now.

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