Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weekend in McCall, ID

Despite some severe snowstorms prior to our planned trip to McCall, ID, we made the trip. Throughout the week, we closely watched the weather and traffic reports and even phoned the resort to find out if anyone else was coming in from Boise. People were coming in, but the resort was getting lots of cancellations.

On Saturday, after one more scan of the weather and traffic reports, we packed up the car with our gear (and a solid emergency supply kit) and headed out around noon. The drive was smooth, finally hitting some solid snowfall once we got above 5,000 feet. After a stop to top off the gas tank and get more wiper fluid (man, that stuff can really flow with all of the road grime that builds up in the course of a two-hour drive), we headed into the snow with lots of drifts coming across the road. However, we got into McCall fairly quickly -- faster than expected.

When we got into the Whitetail, I noticed a van -- it was a fellow musician I jammed with a few months back. While checking in, I tracked him and band down. They were looking a little disappointed -- they were to play for 300 people for a fundraiser, and only 40 were going to show (due to the weather). It was good to catch up with the guys.

We checked in, chilled in the room for a while and then headed out for the ice rink. I haven't skated for more than 20 years. It quickly came back to Suz from her days in Denver. It was a first for the girls and they had a blast. After an hour or so, we were ready for dinner and checked out the McCall Inn. Good food, but slow service at the end of the town's Winter Festival.

On Sunday we went tubing. Rebecca wanted the slow lane, but gained an appreciation for speed and we finally got in a few fast runs. Rachael paired up with Suz and they were quickly kicking our butts in speedy runs. After hot chocolate, mom and dad got in another run each. The girls were cold and Rachael was showing signs of a return of her cold. That afternoon, we grabbed some chow at a great burger joint called My Father's Hamburgers. To date, their burgers are the best in Idaho.

Rachael began to show a fever that night, so we dosed her up and made it a mellow night in with movies. Worried she wouldn't rally we chose to cut Monday's plans short to get home and get Rachael to the doctor.

Monday morning, Rachael was still dragging. We showered, packed and glumly checked out. Overall though, a great trip. Next time, we're looking up Blue Moon Adventures -- they have a yurt on some park land that requires a mile hike, snowshoe or ski to get there. Once you get there, you're treated to a gourmet dinner and beautiful views of the lake.

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